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It is a great honour to meet you through this presentation of our Company. The moment we started our activities in 1964, we had set our minds upon sailing our ships across the waters of the world to carry clients' entrusted cargo safely to each designated port, thereby contributing our full share to enhance the country's economic climate.

Since then we did the very best to make true this ambition and to keeping our commitments.

As oceans undergo movements of tide, so we went through ups and downs that come with the shipping business. It brought us a wealth of experiences and a number of friends who have stood a steady relationship with us.

Entering a new era where technology strides forward with giants steps into a global universe, we will maintain our course, keeping ears and eyes wide open and ready to welcome whichever changes adaptable.

I hereby wish to extend my gratitude to these friends who unwavering granted us their support during all those years. To those who still have to get acquainted with us yet, I would like to welcome you warmly. Never hesitate to call upon our services, because that is what we are for: to be

Your Partner in Transportation.

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